Heads & Tales 2021: HUM 243


The Tale of Nimsay
The Hungry Man and Squirrel
A Tale of Just Desserts
Earthly Tallies
The Ocean and the Cliffside
Amanita and Sunti
Philipan Stag and the Hunter
Between Two Kingdoms
Globe Light
The Dawn of our Sun
The Secret of Silencing
The Tale of Clyfar and Graddfa Tan
Three Hairs
Serenade for the Little Butterfly
The Demon’s Trials


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Patricia Suslo, A’21

Art by Patricia Suslo A’21

Upon Elizbieta’s arrival
Her entry was one framed
Unbeknownst to her
By the approval of unapproving ants.

These ants had lived quietly
Between drywall and floor board.
In cabinets and sheets
Whispering their secrets and mapping their plan
In a home they had known
Long before Elizbieta’s birth.

They had lost the right of ownership
Through a series of events
Owed most to the size of human life
But they were cunningly small
to those unassuming giants.

And they could live in solace
Knowing their strength
Over the silly girl and
Her silly things,
No matter the size.

Elizbieta knew nothing of the bugs
Who would decide upon her fate
Dependent entirely on her motivation of heart.

She entered the house with boxes
And candles, rugs, fabric bolts,
Chairs, desks, shoes,
Paper, cutlery, food,
Bulbs, bags, and blankets.
A million new hiding places.

The ants took no rest in their scheming.
The first night they took to their favorite plan
As Elizbieta slept the silent insects stole into her food
They ate all they could and continued.

From heads of lettuce
To chicken legs
Artichoke hearts
And ears of corn.

Any more than their stomach could store
Was moved into the floor,
Where it would rot and stink
Under Elizbieta’s feet.

Elizbieta accepted this fate
So on she ate
Only at the market or cafe.

Their next victim was
Fittings and fixtures
Arm chairs and bed legs
Picture frames and mirrors maimed.

She woke upon the floor
Hard and cold,
But the revisions were ignored
She felt no push
To restore the revisions.

Elizbieta accepted this fate
Sleeping on the floor
In a fetal state.

Surprised by her indifference
The ants continued with persistence.
Eating at fabric all through the home
Having their time at clothes
Carpet, curtains, and rug.

With her shoes and garments gone
The house and she
Grew cold and worn.

Elizbieta accepted this fate
Through the shivers and freeze
As it grew late.

Finally the ants could take no more
Of a naked hungry girl sleeping on their floor.
They thought it through and made their plan.

First they took her eyes and hair
As it was the easiest to tear.
Then they stole her ears and tongue
And inside they dug
to her heart and lungs.
Until they were left with only bones
Which they deemed worthy of the home


There were ants living in the walls
Who built the house in 1930.
That's why they describe
The sills and frames to her,
So she can understand
Everything that goes into building a home.

Because anyone can buy a house,
But understanding her right
To sleep there every night
Lived in her ability to navigate
The kitchen and doors
The pipes and floors
In the dark.

But she lacked the heart
To own the home
And therefore forfeited her own.