Heads & Tales 2021: HUM 243


The Tale of Nimsay
The Hungry Man and Squirrel
A Tale of Just Desserts
Earthly Tallies
The Ocean and the Cliffside
Amanita and Sunti
Philipan Stag and the Hunter
Between Two Kingdoms
Globe Light
The Dawn of our Sun
The Secret of Silencing
The Tale of Clyfar and Graddfa Tan
Three Hairs
Serenade for the Little Butterfly
The Demon’s Trials


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Harold N Ramdass, PhD
Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science. 

My Dear Students of Hum 243--Summer 2021,

My goal for us this summer was joy. Joy in reading, in sharing, in community, in writing, and in creating. Joy in frustration and then in resolution. And selfishly, my joy in you.

In creating our syllabus, I did not know whether we would do Heads & Tales: 2021. The inaugural edition of our anthology, Heads & Tales: An Anthology of Tales, came out of the fall 2019 class. Fall lent itself well to such work: the larger economy of time, the Thanksgiving break, and our students’ famed brilliance, diligence, and drive all proved most conducive to a book project. Summer sessions have a way of racing by, ending in the moment a class seems to hit its stride. So, in our first meeting, I asked if you wanted to undertake another edition. In the most fundamental of ways, then, you created this class.

To say that I am immensely proud of you is an understatement. You embraced every challenge with ingenuity, professionalism, enthusiasm, and grace. You volunteered for the boards and appointed their heads. You penned a variety of amazing original stories, designed the accompanying artwork in consultation with the tales’ authors, and performed editorial functions. You secured and managed funding, coordinated all the efforts required, and designed the digital text. And you did this all remotely, after three semesters of lockdown and national trauma, in immense good cheer, and in under five weeks.

So, let me celebrate you:

Our digital text production team of Yeji Kim, Ruxi (Sophia) Xu, and Hannah Wu, with invaluable assistance from Richard Yurewitch III.

Our editorial team of Edward Bukhman, Shirley Yan, Adisa Radoncic, Jillian Frost, Xin Yin (Cindy) Fan, and Veronica Dolega.

Our art team of Patricia (Patti) Suslo, Hannah Wu, Madelin Almonte, Sommre Phillips, Maya Dixon, and Maya Van Bael, who created our original works and the story icons.

Our project management team of Chrisanna Chen, Lazaros Xenophontos and Jeannette Circe who created and managed our work schedule, liaised among all boards, and created the invitation and flier for our unveiling.

I have no doubt your readers will enjoy your stories at least as much as I have. I hope you had fun this summer semester. You have my undying gratitude, admiration, and respect. Keep working your magic.

Fairy Godfather Ramdass