Heads & Tales 2021: HUM 243


The Tale of Nimsay
The Hungry Man and Squirrel
A Tale of Just Desserts
Earthly Tallies
The Ocean and the Cliffside
Amanita and Sunti
Philipan Stag and the Hunter
Between Two Kingdoms
Globe Light
The Dawn of our Sun
The Secret of Silencing
The Tale of Clyfar and Graddfa Tan
Three Hairs
Serenade for the Little Butterfly
The Demon’s Trials


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This website serves as the digital text and archive of original fairytales written by the Summer 2021 cohort of HUM 243: The Fairy Tale at The Cooper Union, taught by Professor Harold N. Ramdass. 

Contributors, in no particular order:
Project Management: Chrisanna Chen*, Jeannette Circe, Lazaros Xenophontos,
Editorial: Edward Bukhman*, Shirley Yan, Adisa Radoncic, Jillian Frost, Xin Yin (Cindy) Fan, Veronica Dolega
Art: Patricia Suslo*, Hannah Wu, Madelin Almonte, Sommre Philips, Maya Dixon, Maya Van Bael
Digital Text Production: Yeji Kim*, Ruxi (Sophia) Xu, Hannah Wu, Richard Yurewitch III**

* Department Heads
** Huge thanks to Ricky, for being incredibly gracious with his time and code wizardry.